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What is Credentialing

Credentialing is an essential part of becoming a trusted healthcare provider by the endless list of insurance company venders out there in the marketplace. Given that credentialing is a precursor to contracting, it can be incredibly important given many patients refuse to visit a physician not in their insurer’s network.

Credentialing, also called primary source verification, is an intensive process whereby the insurance company conducts a background check on the physician. They verify the healthcare provider’s education, competencies and legal authorization to practice medicine.

If a physician you want to hire is from a different state, Medicus Management will get your physician credentialed with your home state medical board. If your practice does not have an in-house biller and collector, Medicus Management offers a service where we bill and collect payments from insurance companies for you. For additional details, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Medical Billing

We implement AP systems, train on best practices, protect your money from walking, and take a hands on approach to plastics/derm practice books. Are you balancing to the cent? We’ll get you there.

We also know your vendors and we know your expense charts. Let our experience and relationships with the markets that affect your bottom line drive your expenses down to maximize your savings. We know plastic surgery and dermatology medical bookkeeping.

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